Sara Hudston

Sara Hudston lives  in one of the most rural parts of West Dorset in the Marshwood Vale. The area has a deep history and distinctive spirit of place. Paul Theroux once said of the Vale that people ‘don’t so much live here as hole up’ and that’s certainly what it feels like sometimes in the depths of a wet winter with the rivers thrashing through sodden meadows.

Sara enjoys contributing to the Guardian’s Country Diary column. She’s also proud to be an occasional freelance editor for Little Toller Books, a Dorset-based independent publisher, ‘attuned to writers and artists who seek inventive ways to reconnect us with the natural world and to celebrate the places we live in.’

Much of her recent work is informed by the environmental concerns of the Dark Mountain project. She has written pieces for the DM blog, the printed anthologies and is one of the editors of the “Age of Fire” book, published in spring 2019.

Sara is a trained walk leader who also works with one of the longest-established independent walking tour operators. She’s drawn on this practical experience to create Walking West.

You can read more about Sara and her writing on her website here.