Journeys of discovery, filled with story and laughter, words and silence. Let the landscape speak to you. Walking West is for writers, artists and anyone interested in nature and creativity.


Lyme Bay Land & Sea

In search of the numinous – Lyme Bay Land & Sea

Dorset, UK, 22-28 Sept 2019

A journey on foot through the hidden landscape of Lyme Bay in Dorset, part of the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site. We start on the Isle of Portland in the east and walk to Lyme Regis in the west. This is a chance to immerse yourself in the area’s numinous spirit of place, connecting with landscape and nature. We’ll be walking close to the autumn equinox, a time of seasonal change and reflection as the nights grow imperceptibly longer than the days. Fittingly, we begin by ascending a lighthouse, and end at the shrine of St Wite, one of England’s most sacred places and a healing site of pilgrimage for more than a thousand years.

We’re guided by writer and Guardian Country Diarist Sara Hudston and ecologist Andy Jefferies. Andy and Sara live in this magical part of Dorset and are both deeply involved in conservation and creative projects relating to the land.

This trip offers a unique experience for writers, creatives and anyone interested in nature, the environment, literature and history.


To the Stones

“We’re walking out west, up to the ridge and beyond the crest…” Watch a short video of the landscape we walk through set to music by Dorset folk band Ninebarrow:


Walking West is a new venture started by writer and Guardian Country Diarist Sara Hudston with Andy Jefferies of Wild Days Conservation. Our aim is to connect with the deep spirit of place in England’s west country – Dorset, Devon, Somerset and eventually Cornwall.

We’re beginning with a Dorset journey through hidden places we know well.

Read more about Sara.

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Lyme Bay Land & Sea – Dorset 22-28 September 2019

£2,500 per person (US $3,250) for 6 nights inclusive of all meals, accommodation and transport during the journey.

Contact Sara Hudston on journeys@walkingwest.co.uk for a booking form.

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